Over the last three decades of making pots, the works themselves, in many ways,  have been my teachers.  They’ve called me to take note of the little things:  a small change of line, a minor shift of visual weight, the rhythm and lyric qualities of a piece.  But most of all the works themselves have called me to look more closely….to expand my visual literacy…to enlarge my conceptions of beauty…to see and appreciate the details!

Detail of side-fired porcelain jar.

Cosmic Comets

Over the course of the next months I hope to share with you some images that have had a strong influence on my way of seeing, my way of photographing and presenting my work.

Along with this change in the way I see pots has come an interest in expanding my literacy and enlarging my understanding about my clay art business.  This ‘paradigm of seeing’ has caused me to pay attention to the details involved in running a successful studio clay art business.  Over the next months I hope to share with you some of what I consider to be the important details of running a successful clay art business….the details, the literacy and the beauty.  Stay tuned.

The Essential Center

detail image of the center of a porcelain bowl

Talk to you soon.



About dicklehman

Potter, writer, educator. Available for offering pottery teaching workshops. Available for curating exhibitions.
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  1. Richard Justice says:

    Dick, I have always been interested in your ability to see things I don’t see. You are a great coach. I look forward to future articles.

  2. Beth Shook says:

    This is great, Dick! I miss your editorial contributions in Ceramics Monthly. Looking forward to keeping up with your work through the blog.


  3. corylum says:

    dick. awesome blog !

    can’t wait to read and see more !

    more photographs ! YAY !

    i love the images and detail images ! FANTASTIC START !

  4. Geno Luketic says:

    Beautiful work. I look forward to following your blog.

  5. Hi Dick,
    LOVE your attention to detail. The finishes are incredible.

    …and beautiful writing.

    Thanks for sharing,

  6. Richard (Dick) Lahmann says:

    Hi Dick,
    I read your blog with great interest. You probably don’t remember me…we visited your studio several years ago. I was very impressed with your pottery and now, with your writing ability. I am 70 years old now and just starting to use the pottery wheel, enjoying every moment of it. I do fused glass work and have 3 electric kilns. Photos of several of my peices and other photos can be found on my second fb page under Lahmann Studios.
    Thanks for sharing your story and hope this finds you well.
    Richard L. Lahmann

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