The next wood-firing: beginning March 30


So this is what the kiln site looked like after we completed the loading, and before we bricked up the doorway.  Only partially visible is the nearly 3 cords of wood that John split in the last months.  Thanks John!


Here’s another view:


Here are some of the works of mine that are in this firing:  The “Four Wise Sentinels”.



The “Dance of the Flattened Bottles”:




And the “Six Singing Sisters”:




And an assortment of trays, wall vases, teabowls, and much more:  cups, vases, bottles, facetted bowls….



After the tiring work of loading, we have taken a week to get back to work and to rest up a bit for the exertion of the coming firing.  Not only the works have been loaded, but our hopes and wishes and anticipations — along with our pursuit of mystery and surprise.  I’ll let you know how it goes.


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Potter, writer, educator. Available for offering pottery teaching workshops. Available for curating exhibitions.
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2 Responses to The next wood-firing: beginning March 30

  1. cory Lum says:

    dick i love those oshiri on those fantastic vases !

    u posting any photographs after firing ?

    amazing coolness !

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