Results from the March 2012 wood-firing


Here is what the kiln looked like when we opened it last Friday.   It had been cooling since the previous Sunday after having been fired for about 50 hours…utilizing 3 cords of mixed hardwoods.



As it turned out we could have benefitted from having a few of the “sentinels” to warn us not to sit the unloaded pots next to a rank of wood that was listing a bit.  When we were about half finished with the unloading, we heard a terrible crash….. and then abject silence for 15 or 20 seconds as we tried to take in what had just happened.  Half the walll of wood fell onto the pots.  There were about 40 pieces buried under the split wood.  A little more than half survived, with everyone having some losses, and all being pleased that a few of their works survived the crash.  In this image you can see only parts of several pots.  The rest are still buried under the wood.



Here are a few of the “sentinals” that you may have seen in the previous blog in the unfired state:


And of course, there were the six singing sisters.  I’ll show you three of them with front and back views:




And finally, here are a few more images of works that we unloaded last Friday:


Soon I will be mounting more of these new works on my web site    (go to the “Ceramics For Sale” link at the top of the page).

Also, check out my Esty store for some other new wood-fired works.


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3 Responses to Results from the March 2012 wood-firing

  1. Brent skinner says:

    Dick, thanks for all you do

  2. chad Hartwig says:

    love the singing sisters! glad to see you’re having fun with it! did the other three get snuffed out in the crash? sorry to hear about that by the way. looking forward to seeing you this fall.

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