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International Wood-Firing Exchange – some unfinished business

  International Wood-Firing Exchange – some unfinished business After arrival at the Osaka airport, it was only a matter of hours until we reached Shigaraki…Mr. Shiho Kanzaki driving Ginny Beamer and me up into the mountains, chased by a fiercely beautiful pink-orange … Continue reading

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With Eric Botbyl’s permission I’m re-publishing an interview he had with me in advance of an exhibition and workshop I offered at Companion Gallery earlier this year.     Do check out Eric’s fine gallery and workshop schedule at 30APR … Continue reading

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(This article is my original presentation to Clay Times Magazine.  It was first published there in a slightly different form.)   COLLECTED: the role of collecting in the life cycle of a producing artist Early in my clay career I … Continue reading

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Kintsugi: Gold Repair of Ceramic Faults

    In 1999 I traveled to Japan to participate in several exhibitions hosted by my dear friend Mr. Shiho Kanzaki.  I arrived with gifts for all the many people that were required to make this amazing opportunity a reality … Continue reading

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Recently I’ve been “seeing” the figures in my pots in ways that I hadn’t previously noticed.  The gesture, stance, posture of these pots have led me to be more intentional about alterations that suggest more-figurative works….some of them gender specific. … Continue reading

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Carrying the Empty Cup: Reflections from 3 generations of Japanese potters within the Master/Apprentice tradition

For the last week I have been hosting my Japanese friend, Mr. Hiromi Matsukawa san. The time spent together with Hiromi and his family (wife Chiaki san, and daughter Jun chan) was lively and enlivening. Among other things, we explored … Continue reading

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Springtime, New Work, and Weddings

Hello friends. Springtime came early to Indiana.  It’s that season of the year that I begin to make “saggar-fired pots”… those which some paleotologists who have seen them have dubbed “fast fossils”.  (You can Google “carbonization fossils” to see how … Continue reading

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Results from the March 2012 wood-firing

  Here is what the kiln looked like when we opened it last Friday.   It had been cooling since the previous Sunday after having been fired for about 50 hours…utilizing 3 cords of mixed hardwoods.   As it turned … Continue reading

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The next wood-firing: beginning March 30

  So this is what the kiln site looked like after we completed the loading, and before we bricked up the doorway.  Only partially visible is the nearly 3 cords of wood that John split in the last months.  Thanks … Continue reading

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“Beauty is the vocation of the world.”***  And the world is full of clay.  Could it be that beauty is the vocation of clay? You likely already know that clay is derived from weathering of other rocks.  But did you … Continue reading

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